You are a part of professional body You gain recognition and acceptance of clients.
Arbitration Members can arbitrate on conflict and misunderstanding without going to the courts.
We provide education, training, and personal development Savings on training fees. Negotiators Certification Course, Diploma, Real Estate Diploma Course, Profesional Seminars and Development Programmes.
MAREC Annual Convention Enjoy special members rates, latest topics, Million Dollar Producer session and engaging programmes.
MIEA D'REAM Magazine Free copy for member contains latest issues, trends, market updates and industry news. A well resource for all practitioners.
National Real Estate Awards National Recognition & Acknowledgement, Publicity & Promotions For Individuals and Firms. Acceptance as Market Leaders.
International Affiliation Associations in USA, Singapore, Western Australia, Victoria (AUS), Indonesia, California (USA) and the Philippines. As an immediate connection to international networking and marketing in these countries.
MIEA Youth Opportunity to make new friends, learn from each other, work together, providing a networking base for younger generation.
MIEA Webpage Properties listing for members, latest updates on the market and advertising opportunities.
MASPEX The first and only secondary properties exhibition in Malaysia. The only platform to showcase listings for enhanced marketing and exposur e in the secondary market sector. Members enjoy special rates.
Networking Platform Providing business and co-agency networking opportunity amongst members.