33rd Edition Of The Malaysia Real Estate Convention (MAREC) Summit 2019


Lead, Evolve, Adapt and Disrupt (L.E.A.D)

The 33rd edition of the Malaysia Real Estate Convention (MAREC) Summit 2019 was held on the 15th and 16th March 2019 by the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) partnered with PropertyGuru Group.

As we all know, the real estate scene is ready for a challenging market condition ahead in 2019. This year, MAREC’s theme, Lead, Evolve, Adapt and Disrupt (L.E.A.D); by leading we take ownership, by evolving means progression, by adapting means being able to reexamine new ways to succeed and by disruption, we embrace changes. As with any new change, the real estate industry is no exception as it embraces one of the most significant technological changes providing great opportunity for efficiency, transformation, innovation and growth which will usher the next few years.

PropertyGuru’s Support & Involvement

As property seekers’ expectations and the role of real estate agents evolve, PropertyGuru understands the challenges that real estate agents face in this ever-progressive industry. It is in our interest to work with industry partners like MIEA, who share the same commitment in helping real estate agents and agencies achieve success by empowering them with the right tools and knowledge; especially within technological aspects.

We see the MAREC summit as an effective platform to connect with agents and agencies. With the focus on technology now bigger than ever, we hope that our involvement at this summit will empower real estate agents with fresh insights and new ideas for continued success. As such, we are proud to be the title sponsor and official partner for the MAREC Summit 2019.

Highlights of MAREC Summit 2019

Throughout the two-day event, there were insightful sessions and valuable tips preparing agents and attendees for a better understanding of the property market.

Faizul Ridzuan from FAR Capital Sdn Bhd addressed the five investment strategies a buyer needs to know in 2019 and how the grading system works in the eyes of the investor.

  1. Best play in 2019 is buying into the primary market. Though the risk is higher, you can reduce the risks by having right knowledge or be part of a property investors group. Buy nearby MRT and use developers’ rebate to your advantage
  2. Always buy new properties when premium is less than 30%.
  3. Understanding median income and prices so that you never overpay, and you won’t have problems exiting later.
  4. Focus on buying grade A and B properties.
  5. Property investment is a 10-20 year game, and getting 30%-300% returns annually is highly possible if played long term

Wong Yau Long from Cornerstone Xstate gave his take on how he attained phenomenal success and ground-breaking achievements in the real estate scene, through his grit and tenacity while in the face of great adversity and negativity. Wong believes in three very important process; your first contact point, database management and Effective Business Unit (EBU) and by following these three steps, you are creating exponential growth in today’s market. “Although the odds are stacked against you. Discipline, a positive attitude, specialization and a strong mindset will push you forward.” said Wong.

Wong Yau Long from Cornerstone Xstate

Digital Marketing Masterclass, facilitated by Arvin Setiawan, Director of Online Marketing from PropertyGuru Group. The workshop explored the fundamentals of digital marketing for successfully establishing an online presence through various digital channels.The fundamentals of an online presence start from these key steps:

Step 1: Finding the sweet spot where your consumers’ goals aligns with yours.

Step 2: Identify pain points and develop solutions / value propositions

Step 3: Develop a communication strategy to meet your goals.

Step 4: Review your performance versus goals, iterate and improve.

In a fruitful panel discussion, our very own Sheldon Fernandez, Country Manager of PropertyGuru Group discussed on how the industry is evolving and adapting, and what is disrupting the industry. Virtually every industry has been experiencing rapid, massive, and sometimes devastating change over the last couple years. The esteemed panellists addressed on what to look out for and how to be ready. Sheldon was joined by his fellow panelist Amanda Goh, Real Estate Agent of IQI Realty Sdn Bhd, Chan Ai Cheng, General Manager of SK Brothers and Lee Jun Liang, Co-Founder of DeOne Properties. The panel was moderated by Previndran Singhe, Managing Director and CEO of Zerine Properties.

A very special thank you to all speakers and attendees that made this a success and we hope to see you next year!

Find out more about MAREC by clicking the following link: https://www.miea.com.my/landing-page/marec-2019