Do I respond to flyers/leaflets distributed by estate agents to my home or offices?

Flyers or leaflets distributed by negotiators shall contain the company name, firms E registration number and the REN No. Do not respond if the flyers or leaflets do not contain these information.
Flyers are permitted under the following conditions:
  1. The contents in the flyer shall specify the types of property for sale/rental/lease or wanted.
  2. The flyer shall produce in a firm’s letterhead which bears the name registration number, the telephone number, address of the firm. It shall carry the signature of the REA. It shall include the negotiator’s name with the REN Number.
  3. The flyer must also carry the following statement:-
    1. “Persons responding to this flyer are not required to pay any estate agency fee whatsoever for properties referred to this flyer as this firm is already retained by a particular principal” The font size for this statement shall be similar to the general contents of the flyer.