Is an acronym for Continuous Development Programme designed to help REN learn new ideas and gain new knowledge

All Negotiators who intend to renew their tags and continued to be certified by the Board

It's compulsory if you want to renew the tag

The cost is fixed by the Board at RM200

It's will be for half a day

a. To learn new things happening in the market
b. To gain knowledge

So you can continue to be a responsible practitioner and continue to be legitimate practitioners in the industry.

We received confirmation from The Board today, (8/8/2018) that you are not required to attend the course. However, CDP is not just for renewing the Tag, it’s about gaining knowledge and improving skill. If you want to be at the ‘top of the game’, you should attend.

Your name will be removed from the board system and you are officially not a practising REN. Yph also cannot work for the firm.

Yes you have. MIEA has developed a seven topic module for you to choose from

Your new tags will be issued by year end in batches.

Yes! The new design will carry the year the tag is valid e.g. the tag will have the year 2019 on it now and the year after 2010.

  1. Senior & experienced speakers
  2. Topics for all level of RENS junior to senior
  3. Life experienced examples
  4. Topics designed to help increase personal sales
  5. Skill based and not general knowledge based
  6. Combo modules to choose from
  7. Easy Online registration & payment
  8. Note books will be given