• To unite those engaged in the Estate Agency Practice for the purpose of extending beneficial influence on the profession and related interests.
  • To promote and maintain a high standard of conduct amongst members in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Institute.
  • To improve the technical and general knowledge of persons engaged in the profession.
  • To develop and foster and maintain relations between members of the Institute and to provide a platform for the networking and exchanging of ideas and opinions amongst practitioners.
  • To provide for the upholding of the honour, reputation and status of members.
  • To provide for the training, education, examination of persons practicing or intending to practice as estate agents, or who are otherwise employed or engaged in the profession.
  • To represent members in discussion and dialogues with other trade/industry bodies and Government agencies.
  • To safeguard and protect the interest of the general public against fraud by practitioners or illegal agents.
  • To elevate and encourage the maintenance of a high level or professionalism amongst practitioners.