The NCC certificate valid for one year from the date of issue.

Firstly, you must attend a 2-day NCC class in order to get the NCC certificate. Secondly, application for Registration to made by the Real Estate Firm with the following documents:-

  1. Application form
  2. IC size photo with white background
  3. Photocopy of IC IV.Employment letter with a Real Estate Firm
  4. Photocopy of NCC Certificate of attendance  

The Board of Valuers, Appraiser and Estate Agents (BOVAEA) will issue the REN Tag. The process takes 7 working days. 

Full attendance is compulsory otherwise you will have to replace the day you are absence in order for you to be awarded the certificate of attendance.

Renewal of REN Tag is required.  Directive from BOVAEA is on the way.

REN Tag holder are not allow to set up a company on its own.  They are supposed to work under the direct supervision of a Real Estate Agent. 

RM636.00 (Inclusive of GST 6% @ RM 36).  The fees covers course material, four refreshments and two lunches. 

Yes. Negotiators Certification Course (NCC) is open to all.  When you register online, please ignore the employer section.